Reflective Journal

My reflective journal where I record insights and lessons learned throughout my ongoing practice as an aspiring UX Designer.

Last Updated:

November 24, 2018


Nov 22

"A team that isn't passionate and motivated fosters an environment of complacency that kills creativity. Go the extra mile to boost team morale."

Nov 2

"You do not have to break things to be ground breaking. Innovation doesn't


to be risky. Some complex problems just have simple solutions."

Oct 21

"Presenting solutions to stakeholders is almost as important as the solutions themselves. Make sure to leave enough time to present your idea in a simple way."

Oct 15

"User research allows us choose, define and re-frame user problems to tackle. But looking at the problem in isolation narrows the scope of ideation. Always look at the research as a whole."

Oct 3

"Interaction design methods aren't formulas. You need to mold them to fit your needs and context."